10 Strategies to Grow Your Business

This guide features 10 business strategies to help you evaluate and grow your business. Whether you are a new barber or an OG, this playbook will generate new ideas to elevate your business.

This 15-page PDF playbook includes:

  • How to set up your business
  • How to set up your website
  • How to create a budget
  • Client Acquisition Tactics
  • Client Retention Tactics
  • Consultation Tips
  • How to pick a booking app
  • How to make money beyond the chair

Who is this for?

  • New barbers looking to set up their business
  • Instructors looking for class curriculum
  • Owners looking to level up their shop(s)
  • Industry Professionals looking to understand ICP needs

P.S. All beauty professionals can benefit from this playbook, it's not just for barbers.

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